We’re getting another Mario movie (thoughts)

As if a new Bubsy game wasn’t enough indication that 2017 was kind of the year hell froze over in the world of gaming, there has been talk of a new Super Mario Bros. movie since this afternoon. Luckily, they’re not trying live action again.

While there are hardly any details about the film other than that it’s in “early development” by Illumination Studios (Despicable Me, Secret Life of Pets). One thing is for certain, though- it is going to be animated.

That alone is good to know. Animation worked for the several Mario cartoon series that came about in the late 80’s to early 90’s, as The Super Mario Brothers Super Show and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros.3 are both fondly remembered.

The last attempt at a Super Mario Bros. movie was back in 1993 and went the live action route. Super Mario Bros: The Movie (1993) is quite the butt of all jokes across the internet for being as far away from its source material as it could possibly get due to a ton of changes in both script and direction. Time on the set proved to be so stressful that some of the actors even drank scotch between scenes. Bob Hoskins, who played Mario in the film, went on to say that the film was in fact the worst job he ever did.

Fingers crossed that this one actually turns out to be GOOD. The choice of animation makes me hopeful for this second attempt, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Illumination can do with the character.


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