Q-Bert Turns 35…Holy @!#?@!

q bert

There’s been some particularly rough news in the gaming world as of late. Just yesterday, word broke that EA shut down Visceral Games, best known for their Dead Space series.

This, of course, has prompted quite a bit of backlash (and rightfully so when you consider EA’s approach to video games and gaming in general). The hashtag #boycottEA has trended a bit on Twitter since the announcement, with many protesting EA’s decision. I won’t lie…it was pretty damn depressing to see this on my Twitter feed as I rolled out of bed for an early morning class.

There is one thing worth celebrating today , though, and that’s the birthday of one of one of the biggest arcade legends of the 80’s.

On this day in 1982, Gottileb’s “Q-Bert” was released. Alongside Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Pitfall Harry, this little orange dude was among the first true “characters” in video games. This action/puzzle title has no doubt left its mark on the gaming world and then some, with ports and sequels being available on just about any console (and mobile device) since the Atari 2600.

Fun Facts and Trivia

    •  Q*Bert was among the first video game characters to be given a spot on television. Saturday Supercade (1983) was a CBS cartoon series consisting of segments inspired by various arcade games of the time.
  • Q*Bert remained untitled for most of the time it was in development. One possible name was Snot and Boogers as well as @!#?@! (after the infamous speech bubble that appears whenever Q*Bert takes a hit in game). A few prototypes featuring the latter exist.

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