Gaming Pickups- Week One

I’ve decided to try my hand at videos (even though everyone’s doing it at this point) and share some of my pickups when there’s something worth showing.

This week I snagged

Tiny Barbarians DX- $30 (Switch)

Cave Story +- $30 (Switch)

Jak and Daxter HD Collection- $5 (PS3)

Bayonetta- $5 (PS3)

Nicalis did an incredible job with the physical editions of both Switch games. It’s always nice to pop a case open and be greeted by a bunch of cool stuff and not just a lone disc or cartridge. The manuals are pretty sweet, both in full color with lots of great artwork. Oh yeah…and both games are pretty solid too. This is probably the third time I’ve purchased Cave Story in some form or another…but it’s nice to finally have a physical copy of it.

I picked up Jak and Daxter solely because of my love for the original. Besides, the upscaled port on PS4 is quite overpriced for a down and dirty conversion (although that seems to be the trend with most of the PS2-on-PS4 library). I’ve heard great things about Bayonetta, especially from SEGA fans, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong for five bucks.

All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty good week. At least I won’t die of boredom waiting on Super Mario Odyssey to drop on the 27th.

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